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Welcome to Sugaring N’ More!

What is Sugaring?

Hello! I’m ecstatic to bring you North County first Sugaring Salon! Sugaring hair removal may seem new, however it’s been a practice that came from ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece. There’s no need for sticks and strips to be used because with traditional sugaring (ball method), you apply the sugar in the opposite direction the hair grows, and flicking off same direction. This extracts the hair from the bulb leading to finer, slower re-growth, and leads to diminished hair growth. Unlike waxing, when extracting from the hair opposite direction, it creates a breakage at the surface, leading to ingrown hairs. You may notice not very many places offer sugaring because it takes years of experience to acquire the method. The benefits of sugaring outweighs traditional waxing. Give it a shot, you’ll be glad you did.



  • All Natural Ingredients
  •  Water Soluble
  •  Does not adhere to live skin cells
  • Sugar is bacteria resistant
  • Minimal discomfort & irritation
  • Safely removes hair from follicle
  • Helps eliminate in-grown hairs
  • Skin feels soft, clean and comfortable



  • Contains chemical resins
  •  Difficult to clean up
  •  Adhere to live skin cells
  • Bacteria breeds in wax warmer
  • Long term damages to skin cells
  • Results in follicle distortion / hair breakage
  • Leads in-grown hairs
  • Skin feels raw and irritated