Powder Ombre Brows  

Powder Ombre brows is a semi permanent tattoo that usings a needles to apply pigment into the epidermis layer of the skin. The technique is described by its name leaving a misty front and defined crisp tail. Powdered ombre brows can last up to 3 years depending on type of skin, lifestyle and aftercare. As opposed to microblading the procedure is:

Less Painful: Ombre Brow uses a very fine needle to apply pigment into the skin, as opposed to microblading is done using a blade & creating fine line hair-like strokes. It is much less invasive & involves almost little to no bleeding. Whereas microblading, overtime same incision in the same spot will cause trauma to the skin as well as scarring.

Perfect for all skin types: Anyone including oily skin is perfect for ombre brows. The healed results are also much more predictable as oppose to microblading.

Natural: Ombre brows have a more natural settled looked once healed. It’ll look like you slightly filled it in with a pencil. Whzen microblading heals, based on your skin type, it most likely will heal with blurred lines, spotty, or leave just scar tissues behind. It also requires more touch up & overtime damages the skin.

Price: $400 including complimentary touch up at 4-8 weeks

Appointment Policy

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