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Abs  (Happy Trail) ..........  $10
Arm (Full/Half) .......... $45/$30
Back .......... $75
Brazilian .......... $65
Brazilian Maintenance (4-5  weeks) .......... $58
Bikini .......... $48
Buttocks Cheeks .......... $40
Chest .......... $65
Chin .......... $15
Eyebrow Sugaring .......... $25
Eyebrow Waxing .......... $20
Full Face ........... $50
Leg  (Full/Half) .......... $115/ $75
Leg  Maintenance (4-5 weeks) .......... $85/ $55
Lip .......... $12
Underarms .......... $25

best hair removal technique 


Sugaring hair removal may seem new, however it’s been a practice that came from ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece. There’s no need for sticks and strips to be used because with traditional sugaring (ball method), you apply the sugar in the opposite direction the hair grows, and flicking off same direction. This extracts the hair from the bulb leading to finer, slower re-growth, and leads to diminished hair growth. Unlike waxing, when extracting from the hair opposite direction, it creates a breakage at the surface, leading to ingrown hairs. You may notice not very many places offer sugaring because it takes years of experience to acquire the method. The benefits of sugaring outweighs traditional waxing. Give it a shot, you’ll be glad you did.

Spray Tanning

Traditional Spray

The traditional tan requires a minimum of 10-12 hours of uninterrupted developing time (no contact with liquid, sweating or tight clothing) before rinsing.

EXpress Spray
Pricing: $65

The express tan allows you to rinse just 4-6 hours after your appointment. Shower in 4 hours for a light glow, 5 hours after for a medium tan, or after 6 hours for a deeper result. results will be fully developed in 24 hours.


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Powder Ombre brows is a semi permanent tattoo that uses a needle to apply pigment into the epidermis layer of the skin. The technique is described by its name leaving a misty front and defined crisp tail. Powdered ombre brows can last up to 3 years depending on type of skin, lifestyle and aftercare. As opposed to microblading the procedure is:

Less Painful: Ombre Brow uses a very fine needle to apply pigment into the skin, as opposed to microblading is done using a blade & creating fine line hair-like strokes. It is much less invasive & involves almost little to no bleeding. Whereas microblading, overtime same incision in the same spot will cause trauma to the skin as well as scarring.

Perfect for all skin types: Anyone including oily skin is perfect for ombre brows. The healed results are also much more predictable as oppose to microblading.

Natural: Ombre brows have a more natural settled looked once healed. It’ll look like you slightly filled it in with a pencil. When microblading heals, based on your skin type, it most likely will heal with blurred lines, spotty, or leave just scar tissues behind. It also requires more touch up & overtime damages the skin

Pricing: $400

Touch up 6-8 weeks $75

—Semi-permanent make up

Powder Ombre Brows